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Nano's Creamery


Making Cream Ice This Good Is An Art!

Nano's Creamery has very humble beginnings starting in NYC in Brooklyn. The owner of Nanos Creamery originally helped his father-in-law run a cream ice shop in Brooklyn on 45th St & 5th ave for many years and he helped out with the shop while learning exactly how to make the perfect cream ice and the most tastiest smoothies around. After learning the trade from his father-in-law, he decided to open up another shop of his own, this time across the river in NJ. He now dedicates his time to creating and serving the best tasting ices around and insists on only using natural ingredients and real fruit and vegetables for everything he makes. "The customers always feel good when they are eating my smoothies and ices.. they always tell me that the flavor is unlike anything else they've had. Its like an explosion of flavor bursting in their mouth. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a satisfied customer." 


Taste The Freshness In Every Bite

Nano's Creamery is open 7 days a week, from 10am - 8:30pm daily. We make and serve in-house delicious, rich and tasty flavored cream fruit ices and healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies blended fresh to order. Catering services are also available for parties, events and the serious cream ice lovers. Come visit us today and see why we're the best, most healthiest, tastiest cream ice shop around. We look forward to serving you!! 

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